Saturday, October 19, 2013

Some progress, but still a work in progress

I've always been generally happy with my body. Although there are certain parts of my body that were slightly different, I am proud to say that I'm happy with the way I look. It's because of this that I work out and try to live a fit-type lifestyle.
The two things that I would change about myself would be that my stomach be flatter and my legs less thick. I don't like to base my body positivity on my weight. I use my weight more of as a way to gauge my activity and such. (Not sure if I'm using the right words, but yeah)
Before college I weighed about 125lbs. When I started I was almost terrified that I would gain that dreaded freshman fifteen, but I didn't because I started going to the gym more often my second semester. And what do you know by the end of my freshman year, I weighed about 115, and by the end of the summer I weighed 110. I managed to lose a lot of that extra fat by working out and paying more attention to what I ate. Since then, I've managed to maintain that 110.